The Greatest Man (Poem)

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The Greatest Man (Poem)

Great is the Prophet of Islam, that’s true,
Whose personality is fascinating all through
Much he suffered to spread God’s word
And preach the worship of One Powerful Lord.

Sincere, strong-willed he was and brave
Who was sent to all humanity to save
And show the right track to a happy life
In an atmosphere of peace away from strife.

The hearts of his followers he did entice
With manners decent, true and nice.
Let’s all say words in praise of him
From whom all righteousness stem.

The last of all Prophets but the best one,
Stars they were and he the only sun
To give the whole universe clear light
And show all people the way to right.

In him we Muslims take most pride
And show signs of Love explicit or implied
Isn’t he God’s mercy to all mankind
Faithful he was, pitiful and kind.

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