To a New Muslim (Poem)

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To a New Muslim (Poem)

Do you know where have you long been,
Or what is dignified – what’s mean?
You have been in the deeps of what’s dim;
Amidst vague seas where you can’t swim.

You have been brought to full clear light,
And is sure to lead a life so bright, bright.
You have been going astray all your life-long
Deviating from faith: true, virtuous, and strong.

You have been losing your way all the time
Living in utter faithlessness – what a crime!
Do you know what’s right, what’s wrong;
Which religion is fickle, which’s strong?

Do you know what’s black, what’s white
What’s it to be blind and what’s to have sight?
Have you ever known the difference between two:
The one and the last religion is life-saving and true?

Did you ever try to find a way out out
And save yourself and kill your doubt?
Do you know what are you here for
After seeking a real safe shore?

You’re here for the religion of Islam to embrace
And become a Muslim and whiten your face.
You’re here to testify that there’s no God
Except Allah and purify your poor blood.

Dear fellow ! you have really chosen well
And could avoid the way leading to hell.
You’re reborn instead of being utterly lost
Fair is Islam and fair is a Muslim and just.

Did anyone oblige you or even threaten to
Embrace Islam and become venerated too?
Would you choose a better Islamic name
And leave behind any pre-Islamic shame?

Whom were you worshipping before your heart
Knew its way to God from the very start?
Neither is he God nor is His Son
Nor the Holy Ghost … what’s fun!

God is Great and One, we all testify
And for His constant help we deeply cry.
Never does He leave us for a wink of an eye
Lest we should perish and of despair die.

He’s all the time with us to guide and steer
And show the right track in holy words clear.
Hurrah! hurrah! For great is the reward
Given us by the Most Generous Lord.

Blessed we be and also all those who
Choose Islam as a religion firm and true.

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