Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Muslim Note, the Islamic Online Community

1. Help build an e-Muslim community that supports each other, and promotes the Islamic image..
2. The purpose of this forum is to educate non-Muslims and Muslims about Islam and its tenets.
3. Please post in the appropriate Note Category.
4. Fowl languages should be avoided at all cost.
5. When quoting an article, story, poem, review or any written material, you must mention the author, if known to you, and the source from which you copied these materials. Give credit to where it belongs.
6. Please refrain from typing extremely huge letters in order to get your message through.
7. Symbols and incomprehensible text speak are not allowed to be used in your posts.
8. Honourable and dignified behaviour must be observed at all times, especially when replying to a post by a member of the opposite gender.


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